Different styles of Unique engagement rings!

Engagement is the beginning of a new journey in a couple’s life. This ceremony is an indication that both the partner’s are willing to commit and take their relationship to the next level. But what most of the guys experience is that they are unable to decide which ring to buy for their beloved on their engagement day. Nowadays most of the couples want to go for offbeat, uncommon and unmatched rings. No one wants to flaunt rings that are easily available in the local jewelry stores. Hence the best option is to opt for unique engagement rings.

These rings are different in their designs and styles as a result they are highly sought after. Generally these rings are made out of uncommon metals like titanium, palladium and tungsten carbide so that you get to choose from different types of metals. Gold and platinum are getting common. Nowadays people purchase platinum rings without any occasion only, as a result this metal is not quite uncommon nowadays. Moreover in case of the unique engagement rings one can also choose from a wide variety of gemstones to match one’s preference and taste. Onyx, topaz, emerald, sapphire, rubies and colored diamonds are the hot pick amongst couples across the globe.

One can also opt for different shaped gemstones in case of the unique engagement rings. Geometric shapes are in and as such oval, pear shaped, Asscher cut, emerald cut, square shape, heart shaped and princess cut are some of the popular shapes that couples are opting for. If you intend to gift your partner a Solitaire ring go ahead and make it unique by opting for a different cut diamond rather than a round cut. Moreover you have colored diamonds to choose from. If she is of romantic type opt for a heart shaped pink colored Solitaire ring. Your choice will reflect that you know her preference and care for her. Let your ring reflect your love for her.
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Dazzling Engagement rings to make her feel unique!

Engagement is one of the most awaited days in almost all individual’s life. The day we decide to settle down we start planning on how we are going to celebrate the special day. Will it be a private affair just between the both of you or will you prefer a grand celebration where all your loved ones comes together to wish you luck and love on your special day. These are few of the things that you consider while planning. But at the same time you also need to purchase the perfect engagement ring that you will gift your beloved. The best option is to go for Designer engagement rings as they are not only offbeat but like designer clothes are completely exclusive to the wearer. No one claim to own a similar piece, one of the best features of a designer ring.

Designer engagement rings are very popular among the current generation couples who like to do uncommon things. For them these rings are a symbol of their relationship which is unique and different from others. Designer rings generally have patterns, styles and designs which are not seen in the regular run of the mill jewelry pieces. In fact one can opt for customization of the rings as well.

These rings are available with well known jewelry stores who are reputed for their excellent craftsmanship and superior quality of the metals used. The in house jewelry designers use their skill and expertise to create the designer rings reflecting the styles and trends of the latest fashion scenario. All these pieces are handmade and reflect the dedication and commitment of the designers who create the Designer engagement rings with utmost care and precision so that the end product offered to the clients are durable, can be worn on a regular basis and does not get scratched easily.
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Tips to select engagements rings!

The custom of exchanging rings during an engagement ceremony is as old as the human civilization. Initially the rings were made of vines, wires and so. This was refined by the Roman and Egyptian civilization that incorporated the use of metals in making engagements rings. With the passage of time, as with everything else these rings also evolved and changed. They are nowadays available in different metals with numerous different types of gemstones in various and myriad styles, patterns and designs. In fact one can also select designer rings. These types of rings are found with reputed jewelry stores.

Purchasing engagements rings requires careful selection. Random selection will not do. Firstly you need to decide what type of rings you are searching for such as do you want a ring from a particular era? There are different rings from different eras like the vintage ones, European era ones or you can also go for the classic ones. Next you need to know your partner’s preference especially in matters of the metal and the gemstones used. Not all women prefer gold, you beloved may have a fascination for a platinum ring with diamond. So you know the metal as well as the gemstone she wants. There are many who like other gemstones in their rings such as emerald, sapphire or rubies. So know these things will help you better in your search.
In case you wish to surprise your beloved you can opt for designer engagements rings as the styles and designs used are different and uncommon compared to the run of the mills available in the market. Moreover if you are opting for a designer one, then you can be sure that the ring will be exclusive as their designs, patterns and styles are not repeated until and unless you are going for their hallmark design. As each of the rings are handmade they have an intrinsic beauty about them.
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A beautiful jewelry design is sure to catch everyone’s fancy!

Ornaments and jewelry are a big part of a woman’s life. Whether she is herself buying a jewelry piece or you are gifting it to be sure to keep an eye on the design of the jewelry purchased. In the current times there are many different jewelers available who design, exhibit and sell their jewelry either from their own outlet or in association with different jewelry brands. What one need to keep in mind is to check out the design of the ornament purchased.

 Jewelry design plays a significant role in determining the appearance of the stones used and which design will look good in which type of metal. No one prefers to buy a jewelry item which is poorly designed. It reflects badly on the brand name and product. In fact poorly designed jewelry items often remain unsold.
Suppose you are planning to buy a ring and gift it to your partner, a brief knowledge on jewelry design will ensure that you are able to select the perfect ring with the perfect design. Some of the designs which attract buyers include:
  • Solitaire diamond wedding rings: As the name suggests these rings consist of a single diamond, mainly in white colour with high clarity and cut. This diamond is generally set in yellow gold or white gold. Nowadays even platinum is a huge craze.

  • Eternity rings: These rings stands for the everlasting love and commitment you have towards your partner. These rings may have a single diamond or a big diamond surrounded by small diamonds. The diamond may be in the oval shape as well.

  • Three stone rings: The concept of this ring depends on the idea that it reflects the three phases of life – the past, present and the future. Generally a big diamond is in the middle surrounded by small stones which may or may not be diamonds. Many prefer coloured gemstones as the surrounding stones used.
A beautifully designed piece of ornament catches the fancy of a buyer more quickly than a poorly designed piece. With the modern style being elegant and classy bordering on the lines of minimalism, ornaments with simple clear cut Jewelry design are hot sellers.
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Surprise your man with an elegant Engagement Ring!

Whenever we think of engagement rings, we tend to think of engagement rings for women but one need to buy engagement rings for the man in your life as well. Engagement rings are not essentially women centric. However we will notice that purchasing the rings for men require more effort, than buying rings for women. Generally by trend there are numerous collections of rings for women. But when it comes to men they have a very limited range from which one can choose. No matter whichever ring you purchase be sure that the ring reflects your man’s tastes and style in life. Moreover the ring should also express your love for him and be a constant reminder of the special bond that you two share.
While selecting engagement rings it is best to go to a designer who will help you find the ring of your choice. Like all other rings, while purchasing the ring for your man be sure of the metals available, the type of gem stones used, as well as the width as size. As a trend. Man’s rings are generally broader compared to a woman’s rings and more often than not, they are made up of a single metal such as yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Moreover most the rings don’t have stones set on them.
Furthermore you will notice the rings don’t have intricate designs or filigree work on them as most men don’t like to wear decorative rings. They generally prefer rings that are simple, elegant, reflect their style and can be worn at all times. Guys unlike women don’t like to wear too much bling around their fingers so ideally it is best to buy rings made of a single metal with or without any stones and if one is buying a ring with stone encrusted in it than it is best to opt for small stones and not something big and flashy.
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How much to spend on buying one of the most precious diamond rings for her?

‘How much should I spend on buying one of the most precious diamond rings for my beloved?’ This is one of the most asked questions by an individual who is planning to propose her beloved with a diamond engagement ring. To be very true there is no such exact amount that you have to spend for buying the adornment for her ring finger. It all depends upon how much you can afford. Think about your expenses, savings and all other things and then set your budget accordingly.

Most of the people have been found to spend about two months salary on diamond rings. De Beers basically put forward the concept of ‘two months salary’ to people. Before it was one month salary but later in 1990s it was changed to two. This change was made because of the greater affordability of consumers. So, nowadays you will find most buyers spending twice as much for the jewelry but this is also true that they do not use the two months salary necessarily towards purchasing it. Some people still spend less than their two months salary whereas others spend even more.

There are even many people who do not see the price of the wing when buying it. Since the ring was found to be impressive and according to the taste of her beloved they just buy it without keeping the cost factor in mind. The cost of it can be very less like 5000 USD or can even be more than 250,000 USD but the man doesn’t mind paying any amount.

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The settings used in the platinum engagement rings

Are you worried about selecting an ideal ring for your fiancĂ©e for your engagement? The thought that the ring that you select might not please your partner might be worrying you. However, if you wish to purchase a ring that will surely make your beloved feel special, then go for platinum engagement rings. Unlike the conventional golden rings used in ceremonies like engagements and weddings, platinum rings are unique and will surely win the heart of any woman. The white glow of platinum makes the ring look unique and adds a touch of modernity and class to the rings. Any woman, who loves to wear elegant and sophisticated jewelry, will surely love platinum ring adorned with diamonds. 
However, purchasing platinum engagement rings also needs to be done with intense care just like any other high end ring. If you are buying a platinum ring decorated with one or more than one diamonds, the settings of these platinum rings are one of the most crucial; factors that determine the quality of the ring. Setting refers to the way in which the stones are held to the rings base. Setting not only reflects the appearance of the ring but a good setting holds the stones in position so that they are not lost. There are many different types of settings used in platinum rings. So you can easily choose as setting that suits your style and personality.
Prong setting: In this setting the stone is held by claws and is visible from all sides so that its fire is maximized.
Bezel setting: In the bezel setting, a rim of platinum is used to surround the diamond and keep it secure.
Contour setting: The diamonds are a little raised with the help of platinum shoulders.

Tension setting: Pressure is used to hold the diamonds and this also allows maximum reflection of light.
Channel setting: Diamonds are embedded in small channels made in the platinum base. The diamonds in this case are not that much bright making these engagement rings simple yet elegant.
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