How much to spend on buying one of the most precious diamond rings for her?

‘How much should I spend on buying one of the most precious diamond rings for my beloved?’ This is one of the most asked questions by an individual who is planning to propose her beloved with a diamond engagement ring. To be very true there is no such exact amount that you have to spend for buying the adornment for her ring finger. It all depends upon how much you can afford. Think about your expenses, savings and all other things and then set your budget accordingly.

Most of the people have been found to spend about two months salary on diamond rings. De Beers basically put forward the concept of ‘two months salary’ to people. Before it was one month salary but later in 1990s it was changed to two. This change was made because of the greater affordability of consumers. So, nowadays you will find most buyers spending twice as much for the jewelry but this is also true that they do not use the two months salary necessarily towards purchasing it. Some people still spend less than their two months salary whereas others spend even more.

There are even many people who do not see the price of the wing when buying it. Since the ring was found to be impressive and according to the taste of her beloved they just buy it without keeping the cost factor in mind. The cost of it can be very less like 5000 USD or can even be more than 250,000 USD but the man doesn’t mind paying any amount.

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