Surprise your man with an elegant Engagement Ring!

Whenever we think of engagement rings, we tend to think of engagement rings for women but one need to buy engagement rings for the man in your life as well. Engagement rings are not essentially women centric. However we will notice that purchasing the rings for men require more effort, than buying rings for women. Generally by trend there are numerous collections of rings for women. But when it comes to men they have a very limited range from which one can choose. No matter whichever ring you purchase be sure that the ring reflects your man’s tastes and style in life. Moreover the ring should also express your love for him and be a constant reminder of the special bond that you two share.
While selecting engagement rings it is best to go to a designer who will help you find the ring of your choice. Like all other rings, while purchasing the ring for your man be sure of the metals available, the type of gem stones used, as well as the width as size. As a trend. Man’s rings are generally broader compared to a woman’s rings and more often than not, they are made up of a single metal such as yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Moreover most the rings don’t have stones set on them.
Furthermore you will notice the rings don’t have intricate designs or filigree work on them as most men don’t like to wear decorative rings. They generally prefer rings that are simple, elegant, reflect their style and can be worn at all times. Guys unlike women don’t like to wear too much bling around their fingers so ideally it is best to buy rings made of a single metal with or without any stones and if one is buying a ring with stone encrusted in it than it is best to opt for small stones and not something big and flashy.

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David Foster said...

Wow, superb engagement ring! I believe this website has some rattling fantastic information for everyone.

Jill Voll said...

My bf had asked me if he gets an engagement ring as well, with him not knowing. He sd most men in his family (different culture) just wear watches after they get married as a sign. I had gotten him an Invicta SubAqua Noma watch for an "I Love You" gift & asked him if I had proposed to him unknowingly?
He DID express interest in getting an engagement ring though for himself as well & I'm absolutely on board with this idea. Thank you for this article as it settled my thoughts on this topic. Shows I'm not that far off the beaten path with this idea. ~♥~

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