The settings used in the platinum engagement rings

Are you worried about selecting an ideal ring for your fiancée for your engagement? The thought that the ring that you select might not please your partner might be worrying you. However, if you wish to purchase a ring that will surely make your beloved feel special, then go for platinum engagement rings. Unlike the conventional golden rings used in ceremonies like engagements and weddings, platinum rings are unique and will surely win the heart of any woman. The white glow of platinum makes the ring look unique and adds a touch of modernity and class to the rings. Any woman, who loves to wear elegant and sophisticated jewelry, will surely love platinum ring adorned with diamonds. 
However, purchasing platinum engagement rings also needs to be done with intense care just like any other high end ring. If you are buying a platinum ring decorated with one or more than one diamonds, the settings of these platinum rings are one of the most crucial; factors that determine the quality of the ring. Setting refers to the way in which the stones are held to the rings base. Setting not only reflects the appearance of the ring but a good setting holds the stones in position so that they are not lost. There are many different types of settings used in platinum rings. So you can easily choose as setting that suits your style and personality.
Prong setting: In this setting the stone is held by claws and is visible from all sides so that its fire is maximized.
Bezel setting: In the bezel setting, a rim of platinum is used to surround the diamond and keep it secure.
Contour setting: The diamonds are a little raised with the help of platinum shoulders.

Tension setting: Pressure is used to hold the diamonds and this also allows maximum reflection of light.
Channel setting: Diamonds are embedded in small channels made in the platinum base. The diamonds in this case are not that much bright making these engagement rings simple yet elegant.

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