A beautiful jewelry design is sure to catch everyone’s fancy!

Ornaments and jewelry are a big part of a woman’s life. Whether she is herself buying a jewelry piece or you are gifting it to be sure to keep an eye on the design of the jewelry purchased. In the current times there are many different jewelers available who design, exhibit and sell their jewelry either from their own outlet or in association with different jewelry brands. What one need to keep in mind is to check out the design of the ornament purchased.

 Jewelry design plays a significant role in determining the appearance of the stones used and which design will look good in which type of metal. No one prefers to buy a jewelry item which is poorly designed. It reflects badly on the brand name and product. In fact poorly designed jewelry items often remain unsold.
Suppose you are planning to buy a ring and gift it to your partner, a brief knowledge on jewelry design will ensure that you are able to select the perfect ring with the perfect design. Some of the designs which attract buyers include:
  • Solitaire diamond wedding rings: As the name suggests these rings consist of a single diamond, mainly in white colour with high clarity and cut. This diamond is generally set in yellow gold or white gold. Nowadays even platinum is a huge craze.

  • Eternity rings: These rings stands for the everlasting love and commitment you have towards your partner. These rings may have a single diamond or a big diamond surrounded by small diamonds. The diamond may be in the oval shape as well.

  • Three stone rings: The concept of this ring depends on the idea that it reflects the three phases of life – the past, present and the future. Generally a big diamond is in the middle surrounded by small stones which may or may not be diamonds. Many prefer coloured gemstones as the surrounding stones used.
A beautifully designed piece of ornament catches the fancy of a buyer more quickly than a poorly designed piece. With the modern style being elegant and classy bordering on the lines of minimalism, ornaments with simple clear cut Jewelry design are hot sellers.

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