Different styles of Unique engagement rings!

Engagement is the beginning of a new journey in a couple’s life. This ceremony is an indication that both the partner’s are willing to commit and take their relationship to the next level. But what most of the guys experience is that they are unable to decide which ring to buy for their beloved on their engagement day. Nowadays most of the couples want to go for offbeat, uncommon and unmatched rings. No one wants to flaunt rings that are easily available in the local jewelry stores. Hence the best option is to opt for unique engagement rings.

These rings are different in their designs and styles as a result they are highly sought after. Generally these rings are made out of uncommon metals like titanium, palladium and tungsten carbide so that you get to choose from different types of metals. Gold and platinum are getting common. Nowadays people purchase platinum rings without any occasion only, as a result this metal is not quite uncommon nowadays. Moreover in case of the unique engagement rings one can also choose from a wide variety of gemstones to match one’s preference and taste. Onyx, topaz, emerald, sapphire, rubies and colored diamonds are the hot pick amongst couples across the globe.

One can also opt for different shaped gemstones in case of the unique engagement rings. Geometric shapes are in and as such oval, pear shaped, Asscher cut, emerald cut, square shape, heart shaped and princess cut are some of the popular shapes that couples are opting for. If you intend to gift your partner a Solitaire ring go ahead and make it unique by opting for a different cut diamond rather than a round cut. Moreover you have colored diamonds to choose from. If she is of romantic type opt for a heart shaped pink colored Solitaire ring. Your choice will reflect that you know her preference and care for her. Let your ring reflect your love for her.

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